Holidays at the beach: welcome to the German Baltic! 

This appartment is located directly at the beach of Großenbrode with its fine, grained sand. Shallow waters - ideal for swimming or kite- surfing. Truely stated, this appartment is located at a South-West beach, a rare occurance in Germany. From your balcony you will have a fantastic view directly onto the sea.. Enjoy your vacation in every season of the year. Winter storms don't bother you and the summer is fantastic anyway. It is just a few steps to the beach and the harbour, well-known destination for many sailing boats and only a few walking minutes away. An ideal spot for anyone, who wants to chill and enjoy life - guaranteed.



Apartement Morgenstern

Am Kai 23a (Haus zur Mole)

23775 Großenbrode


Telefon: +49 (0) 171 - 2679948